FB Home

ABPL90142 Architecture Studio C, STUDIO 22 FUTURE NOW

[ University of Melbourne, M.Arch S2 2014 ]

FB Home is a new-age phenomenon sweeping over the world. Built as a series of interconnected pneumatic structures placed in major cities all over the world, FB home is designed to be a 'temporary global event' - a shopping paradise open publicly 24 hours a day aiming to revolutionise and encourage consumerism. Items and services are purchased with 'FB Coin', a digital currency gained by social media activity, and thus are technically 'free'. Coins earned are based on the quantity and quality of data shared, and can be 'farmed' or accumulated by playing internet games on gaming machines placed throughout every building.

However, everything is not as it seems. FB is also gathering data through other means - hidden trackers and machines are embedded within its buildings, as well as other objects scattered in its surroundings. Information stored within its data centres are used in secret to continually life-log and archive people, sold to the highest bidder and used to push ads to the public.

FB Home is a project which aims to bring light to the issue of surveillance in modern day society, exploring tactics used in information gathering in an age where privacy is almost non-existent.

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