Folie à Deux: La Ville en Rose  

ABPL90115 Architecture Studio E, STUDIO 15 MACHINING AESTHETICS v3.0.

[ University of Melbourne, M.Arch S2 2015 ]

‘La Ville En Rose (City in Pink)’ seeks to create an urban structure which is open-ended in its syntax; the nature of the structure allows users to appropriate its use, necessary additional infrastructure, envelope and shelter depending on needs ‘at the time’. Using the tale of the fictitious 3D printing company ‘Clouseau Collectif’ as its main protagonist, the experimental nature of 3D Printing as a main driving force of making is explored. In this project, a possible urban scenario is speculated, highlighting the change in technology and construction methods over a time period of 2015 to 2050. 

This context creates a radically different view on architecture, where the city is built as infrastructure stripped to its bare bones, an empty shell waiting to be occupied, where programmatic spaces are yet to be inserted, and events and ‘moments’ generated by the creative potential of its inhabitants.

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in collaboration with: Jasmine Yang.

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