in:COGNITO / Bentham Biotech 

ABPL90143 Architecture Studio D, STUDIO 17 WEARABLE SPACES

[ University of Melbourne, M.Arch S1 2015 ]


The startling reach of surveillance capabilities in urban centres has only exponentially boomed as the wide reach of the internet continues to grow. In today’s world, ultra-modern architecture facilitates a range of security measures by design, but shrewdly conceals the full extent of its surveillance regimes.

Similarly, governments and other authoritative powers use this type of technology to view or gather information from the general public, most of the time without consent. Every movement, both physically and digitally, is scrutinised and information routinely logged within a centralised database. This type of behaviour creates a false form of security, with the people never realising how trapped they are within Surveillance’s perpetual gaze.

in:COGNITO (a fictional fashion label) is a project which aims to bring light to the issue of surveillance in modern day society, using fashion as a medium to create a very personal counter-surveillance or disconnect-space, giving back control and power to the people under “The Authority’s” watchful eye.

PART TWO: Bentham Biotech

In today’s world, electronics are continually becoming more interconnected and intertwined in our daily lives. Similarly, our time spent on the internet and spent ‘living’ through screens also continues to increase, blurring old concepts of boundaries and merging both the concepts of physical and virtual space.

We are now entering an era where the fashion industry is affected by this radical change. Clothing, shoes and other wearable accessories now incorporate elements of hardware and software, generating a peculiar mix between both the fashion and computation fields. We see this happening as well in a much larger scale, in our Architecture. In this context, data IS beauty, and its consumption and interaction becomes “the emotion”. As a result, a new aesthetic is emerging.

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