Innovate or Die!


[ University of Melbourne, M.Arch Summer (FEB) 2016 ]

Innovate or Die! is a satirical take on an architectural solution for Australia’s burgeoning (..lack of) innovation problem. As large ‘innovative’ corporations such as Google and Facebook lead the way in developing state-of-the-art campuses which aim towards creating a more ‘fun’ atmosphere to help foster and develop synergies across their large business practices, we question: what lies beyond the bright colours, slides and synthetic grass surfaces? What’s hidden under the respective table tennis tables?

It isn’t always feasible for large companies to develop large campus-style headquarters. City localities provide many advantages and the creation of innovation hubs such as Silicone Valley provide many benefits to business. Construction can be a costly venture in major cities and there exists opportunities for existing buildings to be morphed to better suit post-occupation. Innovate or Die! aims to develop a commune for innovation within the existing, allowing it to develop to fruition which in turn, drives revenue in this information age.

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in collaboration with: Darcy Zelenko & CL Fok.

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